Kerberos - Key Distribution Center (KDC)


Key Distribution Center. A machine that issues Kerberos tickets.

The KDC is a service that should only be running on a domain controller. The service name is “Kerberos Key Distribution Center”. Basically the KDC is the service that is responsible for authenticating users when Kerberos is used.


The KDC implements two server components:



klist.exe query_bind
Current LogonId is 0:0x7f51cb6
The kerberos KDC binding cache has been queried successfully.

KDC binding cache entries: (1)

#0>     RealmName: DOMAIN_NAME.LOCAL
        KDC Address:
        KDC Name: hostname.domainName.local
        Flags: 0
        Cache Flags: 0



ksetup /addkdc  RealmName  hostname.domainName.local
  • klist add_bind doesn't work …
klist.exe add_bind  RealmName  hostname.domainName.local
Current LogonId is 0:0x7f51cb6
Error calling DsGetDCName: 0x5

klist failed with 0x5/5: Access is denied.

Documentation / Reference

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