Kerberos - MIT software on Windows


The MIT software in Windows to manage kerberos ticket.

A step by step kerberos installation on Windows for Kerberos version 5-1.13

Step by Step configuration


For 64-bit machines, you will take:

Note: The KfW 4.1 series of releases is based on the MIT krb5 1.13


After the installation, you should get all executable and services binary in this location.

C:\Program Files\MIT\Kerberos\bin

Kerberos Windows Installation Dir



Kerberos Ccapiserver

Kerberos - (Ticket|Credentials)


Local Security Process has a dll.

Lsass Kerberos


Conf file

  • Obtain a krb5.conf configuration file from your Kerberos administrator. The configuration file should also be present at /etc/krb5.conf on the hosting machine
  • The default location is C:\ProgramData\MIT\Kerberos5
  • Rename the configuration file from krb5.conf to krb5.ini.
  • Copy krb5.ini to the default location and overwrite the empty sample file.


Set the environment variable for the cache in order to be able to use differents implementation of Kerberos (because they use different default cache location)



Get your ticket

See Kerberos - (Ticket|Credentials)

Documentation / Reference

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