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Php is the command line interpreter of the php engine.


php -help            
Usage: php [options] [-f] <file> [--] [args...]                                        
   php [options] -r <code> [--] [args...]                                              
   php [options] [-B <begin_code>] -R <code> [-E <end_code>] [--] [args...]            
   php [options] [-B <begin_code>] -F <file> [-E <end_code>] [--] [args...]            
   php [options] -S <addr>:<port> [-t docroot]                                         
   php [options] -- [args...]                                                          
   php [options] -a                                                                    
  -a               Run interactively                                                   
  -c <path>|<file> Look for php.ini file in this directory                             
  -n               No php.ini file will be used                                        
  -d foo[=bar]     Define INI entry foo with value 'bar'                               
  -e               Generate extended information for debugger/profiler                 
  -f <file>        Parse and execute <file>.                                           
  -h               This help                                                           
  -i               PHP information                                                     
  -l               Syntax check only (lint)                                            
  -m               Show compiled in modules                                            
  -r <code>        Run PHP <code> without using script tags <?..?>                     
  -B <begin_code>  Run PHP <begin_code> before processing input lines                  
  -R <code>        Run PHP <code> for every input line                                 
  -F <file>        Parse and execute <file> for every input line                       
  -E <end_code>    Run PHP <end_code> after processing all input lines                 
  -H               Hide any passed arguments from external tools.                      
  -S <addr>:<port> Run with built-in web server.                                       
  -t <docroot>     Specify document root <docroot> for built-in web server.            
  -s               Output HTML syntax highlighted source.                              
  -v               Version number                                                      
  -w               Output source with stripped comments and whitespace.                
  -z <file>        Load Zend extension <file>.                                         
  args...          Arguments passed to script. Use -- args when first argument         
                   starts with - or script is read from stdin                          
  --ini            Show configuration file names                                       
  --rf <name>      Show information about function <name>.                             
  --rc <name>      Show information about class <name>.                                
  --re <name>      Show information about extension <name>.                            
  --rz <name>      Show information about Zend extension <name>.                       
  --ri <name>      Show configuration for extension <name>.                            

Installation / Directory

The cli is not installed by default with a remi installation. You need to install it explicitly.

yum install php-cli

The location is then /bin/php

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