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Form and HTTP Fetch in php


Php does not support multiple form control with the same name.

Even if it receive several values for the same name via a valid multipart-form-data, it will pass only the last value to the $_POST global variable.

To resolve this issue at the php sauce, you need to:

  • add bracket to the name value (ie my-input-name[])
  • or use unique name value

Although HTML allows multiple values regardless of name, PHP doesn't, and this behaviour is well established. Closing won't fix.



The $_POST 1) global variable is build by php when the body of the request has:

For other format, you need to build the $_POST global variable yourself from the body available via the input stream.

Example with content-type set to Json

if ($_SERVER["CONTENT_TYPE"] === "application/json") {
    $_POST = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);

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