How to profile with the PHP Xdebug Profiler

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The profiler in Xdebug outputs profiling information in the form of a cachegrind compatible file.


Xdebug installed and configured

Install xdebug and set the profiler php.ini configuration file

Open devtool

Open your browser devtool on the network tab. It allows to get back later the name of the file where the profiling data are saved.

Enable Profiling via the Xdebug Browser Extension

Start the debugger with profiler enable. Starting The Debugger

With a How to install Php Xdebug ?, enable profiling

Firefox Easy Xdebug Profile Cookie

Start. navigate, refresh your page

Execute the HTTP request with your browser by:

  • navigating
  • or refreshing your page (f5)

Retrieve the profiling file name from devtool

On the devtool, in the response header, you should see the x-xdebug-profile-filename'header.

This header holds the location of the profiling file, copy it.

X Xdebug Profile Filename Devtool

Analyze with a Xdebug compatible profiling tool


The format cachegrind can be read by kcachegrind :



  • Intellij 1) > Tools | Analyze Xdebug Profiler Snapshot.

Xdebug Profiler Data

and you will see:

Xdebug Intellij Profile Data

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