Lexalytics - Data Directory

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Starting a Salience Engine session requires two things:

  • a path to a Lexalytics license file
  • and a path to a Lexalytics data directory.

You can make specific customizations to the entity extraction or sentiment analysis by using different user directories.

When starting a session, Salience Engine will use the user directory contained within the specified data directory by default. However, this can be changed at runtime via the lxaSetUserDirectory API method. You can even use multiple data directories with multiple Salience sessions at the same time

A data directory can be:

  • the default provided data directory
  • a copy of it with customizations,
  • the Lexalytics Twitter data directory for handling short-form content,
  • or a data directory for text analysis of a foreign language (language detection library and French data directory)

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