Lexalytics - Part of Speech (Tagging Model)


In the provided Salience Demo app, you can run a piece of text and use the “View Chunk Tagged Text” to see the parts of speech Salience has assigned.

  • NNP: proper nouns
  • JJS: superlative adjective
  • JJ: regular adjective.


You can force parts of speech on certain words via a file called gluepatterns.dat.

  • create a gluepatterns.dat in user\tagger.
  • Taking our Best Buy example a little further, we put this line in gluepatterns.dat:
<(='Best')> (='Buy')=>NNP
(='Best') <(='Buy')>=>NNP

This tells Salience to “glue” all instances of Best Buy together and tag both words as NNP, which is a proper noun.

Documentation / Reference

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