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Mathematics - Proof by induction

Mathematical induction is a method of mathematical proof. It is done in two steps: The first step, known as the base case, is to prove the given statement for the first element. The second step,...
Thomas Bayes
Statistics - Bayes’ Theorem (Probability)

Bayesian probability is one of the different interpretations of the concept of probability and belongs to the category of evidential probabilities. In the Bayesian view, a probability is assigned to a...
Thomas Bayes
Statistics - Hypothesis (Tests|Testing)

Hypothesis testing is a test of a certain value of a parameter. The most common hypothesis test involves testing the null hypothesis (ie the parameter is Null) The output of a test is binary: true or...
Bayesian Frequentist
Statistics - Probability (of an event) / Likelihood

The probability of an event is the subjective chance that it will happen. The laws of probability are heavily build with therandom notion. A probability is a non-negative number between 0 and 100%. ...

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