Antlr - (Grammar|Lexicon) (g4)

1 - About

Grammar in the context of Antlr.

The grammar definition of Antlr is called a Lexicon because the grammar is used by the lexer (hence the lexer grammar)


3 - Name

The file name containing grammar X must be called X.g4

4 - File

The name of the file containing the grammar must match the grammar-name and have a .g4 extension. The syntax can be specified in a file with syntax:

  • only for the lexer called the lexer grammar
  • only for the parser called the parser grammar
  • or for the lexer and parser combined. (Default). The tree grammar in one file is the most common approach.

5 - Syntax

Code Source Structure. See antlr/antlr4/blob/master/doc/

/** Optional javadoc style comment */
grammar_type? grammar Name;
options {...}
import ... ;

tokens {...}
channels {...} // Only lexer grammars can contain custom channels specifications
@actionName {...}

rule1 // parser and lexer rules, possibly intermingled


5.1 - Tokens

Token definition needed by a grammar for which there is no associated lexical rule. The tokens section defines a set of tokens to add to the overall set.

5.2 - Rule

There is two kinds of rule:

Name Case Type Description Example from the getting started
uppercase letter lexer rule (known as Token name, they defines the token that the lexer will produce ID : [a-z]+ ; defines an ID token that is made of letters from a to z
lowercase letter parser rule They defines how the relation between the token and therefore how the parser tree is build r : 'hello' ID ; defines a pattern with the world hello and the token ID defines just above

5.3 - Channels

Only lexer grammars can contain custom channels specifications

channels {

5.4 - Action

Actions are code blocks written in the target language.

5.5 - Keywords / Reserved words

Reserved Words:

  • import: for grammar import
  • fragment
  • lexer
  • parser
  • grammar
  • returns
  • locals
  • throws
  • catch
  • finally
  • mode
  • options
  • tokens

Further, do not use:

  • the word rule as a rule name.
  • any keyword of the target language as a token, label, or rule name. For example, rule if would result in a generated function called if. That would not compile obviously.

5.6 - Option

Grammar options

6 - Tree parser

7 - Documentation / Reference

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