Antlr - Idea Plugin


The Idea plugin is a plugin for Idea that install the Antlr tool.


Create a grammar file with the extension g4 and Idea should propose you to install the Antlr plugin


Right click on your g4 file, you should see the Antlr option.


Antlr Recognizer

Antlr Recognizer run antlr.

Default run with the default configuration gives:

antlr4 ^
    -o %ProjectRoot%\gen ^ 
    -listener ^
    -visitor ^
    -lib %ProjectRoot%/src/main/antlr4/com/group/package/lexer ^ # output dir


Configure Antlr

The Configure Antlr are the options of antlr


Test Antlr Rule

Test a rule


start typing the text to see the tree in the Antlr panel


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