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What is a Lexer ? known also as Tokenizer or Scanner - Lexical Analysis in Antlr

The lexer is a generated class from the grammar.

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Antlr - (Grammar|Lexicon) (g4)

Grammar in the context of Antlr. The grammar definition of Antlr is called a antlr/antlr4/blob/master/doc/lexicon.mdLexicon because the grammar is used by the lexer (hence the lexer grammar) See: ...
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Antlr - (Lexical) Rule

in Antlr. Antlr has two types of rule: Name Case Type Description Example from the getting started uppercase letter lexer rule (known as Token name, they defines the token that the lexer...
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Antlr - Generated class

From the grammar The lexer rules will create the lexer class The parser rules will create the parser class The classes generated will contain a method for each rule in the grammar. See from...
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Antlr - Getting Started (Hello World)

A getting started page that brings you in the world of Antlr. antlr/antlr4/blob/master/doc/getting-started.mdantlr4 getting-started Create a grammar file called Hello.g4 and define the grammar...
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Antlr - Lexer Grammar

The grammar file of the lexer is composed of lexer rule, optionally broken into multiple lexical modes grammar file Only lexer grammars can contain: mode specifications. custom channels specifications...
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Antlr - Lexical mode

Lexical mode in Antlr Lexical modes allow to split a single lexer grammar file into multiple sublexers. The lexer can then only return tokens matched by rules from the current mode. Lexers start out...
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Antlr - Parse Tree (AST)

The tree parser is an AST that is created by the parser from a text input. with grun, see the -tree of -gui option of Example: Type your text and end with a End of File character (Ctrl+Z or...
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Antlr - Walk / Visitor tree

Attach a listener to the parse tree that listens when the parse tree enters an SQL expression and gathers what you want From sqlite-parser A variable...

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