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Lexical Analysis - Parser (Syntax analysis|Linter) in Antlr.

The parser is a generated class that is build from the grammar (specifically from the parser rule of the grammar).

The job of the parser is to create a parse tree from:

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Antlr - Generated class

From the grammar The lexer rules will create the lexer class The parser rules will create the parser class The classes generated will contain a method for each rule in the grammar. See from...
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Antlr - Getting Started (Hello World)

A getting started page that brings you in the world of Antlr. antlr/antlr4/blob/master/doc/getting-started.mdantlr4 getting-started Create a grammar file called Hello.g4 and define the grammar...
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Antlr - Parse Tree (AST)

The tree parser is an AST that is created by the parser from a text input. with grun, see the -tree of -gui option of Example: Type your text and end with a End of File character (Ctrl+Z or...
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Antlr - Parser Grammar

The grammar file of the parser contains the parser rule. grammar file If you have two differents file and your lexer grammar is defined in another file, you need to define it with the tokenVocab...

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