BDM - Client

Bdm Component


  • Informatica Developer - the Developer tool, Create and run profiles against big data sources, and run mappings and workflows)
  • Informatica Administrator (the Administrator tool, Monitor the status of profile, mapping, and MDM Big Data Relationship Management jobs on the Monitoring tab of the Administrator tool)
  • Informatica Analyst (Create and run profiles on big data sources)

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Bdm Component
BDM - Model Repository Service (MRS)

The Model Repository Service is an application service that manages the Model repository. The Model Repository Service manages metadata : mappings, workflows and applications. The Model repository...
Bdm Component
Big Data Management Informatica (BDM)

BDM is a data integration tool for database where Hadoop Jobs environment has been added. (ie Powercenter version 2.0) YARN ? (Hadoop clusters manager, job templates and executions) ...

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