BDM - Model Repository Service (MRS)

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The Model Repository Service is an application service that manages the Model repository.

The Model Repository Service manages metadata about:

The Model repository stores metadata created by Informatica clients and application services in a relational database to enable collaboration among the clients and services.



Application Service Guide Chapter 9

MRX Views

The MRX views provide an interface to interrogate information about objects in the MRS. That information is more limited than the information provided by the MX views in a PowerCenter repository.

The reason for that is because the data is kept in tables in binary format as a stream in the same format that Java serializes objects. That’s why that information is not shown decrypted and accessible as in a PowerCenter Repository.

MRX views are classified into the following categories:

  • Design-time metadata
  • Deployed metadata
  • Domain


The MRX_OBJECT_SUMMARY view provides a summary of objects. The view provides information about the project that the object belongs to, the object path, and user activity on the object.

To track the changes or modified details, query on the view for OBJECT_NAME. It will list the following:


Time is stored in EPOCH time


Enable spy logging on MRS connection to:

  • get the details on the SQL queries used to create MRS tables.​

Documentation / Reference

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