PowerCenter - Integration Service


The PowerCenter Integration Service is an application service that runs workflows and sessions for the PowerCenter Client.

The Integration Service reads workflow information from the repository. The Integration Service connects to the repository through the repository service to fetch metadata from the repository (what about BDM - Model Repository Service (MRS) ?)

A workflow is a set of instructions that describes how and when to run tasks related to extracting, transforming, and loading data. The Integration Service runs workflow tasks. A session is a type of workflow task. A session is a set of instructions that describes how to move data from sources to targets using a mapping.

It extracts data from the mapping sources and stores the data in memory while it applies the transformation rules that you configure in the mapping.

The Integration Service loads the transformed data into the mapping targets.

The Integration Service can combine data from different platforms and source types. For example, you can join data from a flat file and an Oracle source. The Integration Service can also load data to different platforms and target types.

You install the Integration Service when you install PowerCenter Services. After you install the PowerCenter Services, you can use the administration console to manage the Integration Service.

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