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A session is a type of workflow task. A session is a set of instructions that tells the integration service how to move data from sources to targets using a mapping. You create a session for each mapping that you want the integration service to run.

The integration service uses the instructions configured in the session and mapping to move data from sources to targets.

A session is a task, similar to other tasks available in the workflow manager.

In workflow manager, you can create :

  • reusable sessions in the Task Developer. You can use it in multiple workflows.
  • non-reusable sessions in the Workflow Designer. You can use it only in that workflow.

Type of session


A reusable session can be used in multiple workflows and is not contained within any mapplet or mapping

To create it:

  1. In the workflow manager Navigator, double-click a folder to open it.
  2. Click Tools > Task Developer to open the Task Developer.
  3. Click Tasks > Create.
  4. Select Session as the task type to create.
  5. Enter s_SessionName


A non-reusable can be only used in one workflow because it's contained within the mapplet or mapping

To create it:

  1. In the workflow manager Navigator, click Tools > Worklow Designer to open the Worklow Designer.
  2. Click Tasks > Create.

The Workflow Designer provides more task types than the Task Developer. These tasks include the Email and Decision tasks.

  1. Select Session as the task type to create.
  2. Enter s_SessionName

Metadata API

Tab Database View Java Class Note
General Task
Properties REP_TASK_ATTR SessionPropsConstants
Config Object REP_SESS_CONFIG_PARM SessionPropsConstants All CFG constant such as SessionPropsConstants.CFG_STOP_ON_ERRORS
Component REP_COMPONENT presession_variable_assignment and postsession_success_variable_assignment are task
Mapping ConnectionPropsConstants

Java Example:

  • Task
ipcSession.setTaskInstanceProperty(Task.FAIL_PARENT_IF_INSTANCE_FAILS, "YES");
  • SessionPropsConstants
ipcSession.getProperties().setProperty(SessionPropsConstants.TREAT_SOURCE_ROWS_AS, "Data driven");
  • ConnectionPropsConstants
ipcTarget.getProps().setProperty(ConnectionPropsConstants.RELATIONAL_TARGET_LOADTYPE, "Normal");

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