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If you want to learn PowerCenter Informatica, the best way to follow is:

  • first to install it
  • and then to follow the Getting Started Guide (such as the file PC_861_GettingStarted.pdf for the 8.6.1 version) that you can find in the documentation directory of the installation files.
  • if you want to go further in your knowledge, you can install Oracle Business Intelligence Application with the version that use Informatica PowerCenter. OBIA is a complete BI and DataWarehouse Application. You will then find a lot of practice example of datawarehouse development.
  • The F1 key (version 8+) has also a lot of answers/information any Informatica professional could desire.

You can also find great information on the start page of the designer tool.

Powercenter Getting Started

You can get also Quick Start guides from the How-To Library at http://mysupport.informatica.com.

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Informatica - Powercenter

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