PowerCenter - Getting Started


If you want to learn PowerCenter Informatica, the best way to follow is:

  • first to install it
  • and then to follow the Getting Started Guide (such as the file PC_861_GettingStarted.pdf for the 8.6.1 version) that you can find in the documentation directory of the installation files.
  • if you want to go further in your knowledge, you can install Oracle Business Intelligence Application with the version that use Informatica PowerCenter. OBIA is a complete BI and DataWarehouse Application. You will then find a lot of practice example of datawarehouse development.
  • The F1 key (version 8+) has also a lot of answers/information any Informatica professional could desire.

You can also find great information on the start page of the designer tool.

You can get also Quick Start guides from the How-To Library at http://mysupport.informatica.com.

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