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A mapplet is a set of transformations that you:

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PowerCenter - Client

The PowerCenter Client consists of the following applications that you use to manage the repository, design mappings, mapplets, and create sessions to load the data: . Use the Designer to create mappings...
Powercenter Designer Tools
PowerCenter - Designer

The Designer has the following tools that you use to analyze sources, design target schemas, and build source-to-target mappings: . Import or create source definitions. . Import or create target definitions....
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PowerCenter - Input Transformation (for Mapplet)

Defines mapplet input rows. Available in the Mapplet Designer.
Powercenter Pre Session Variable Assignment
PowerCenter - Mapping (Parameter|Variable)

When you use a mapping parameter or variable in a mapping, first you declare the mapping parameter or variable for use in each mapplet or mapping. Then, you define a value for the mapping parameter or...
Powercenter Designer Tools
PowerCenter - Mapplet Designer

Powercenter Mapplet Designer is a component/tool of designer. Its aim is to create mapplets (sets of transformation) to use in mapping.
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PowerCenter - Repository Objects

You create repository objects using the and client tools. You can also view the objects in the Navigator window of the . source definitions. Definitions of database objects (table, views, synonyms)...
Powercenter Workflow Sample
PowerCenter - Sessions

A session is a type of workflow task. A session is a set of instructions that tells the integration service how to move data from sources to targets using a mapping. You create a session for each mapping...
Powercenter Transformation Create
PowerCenter - Transformations

A transformation is a part of a mapping that generates or modifies data. Every mapping includes a Source Qualifier transformation, representing all data read from a source and temporarily stored by the...
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Powercenter - Design API Sdk

You can use the Design API to read and create PowerCenter design objects. Sources and targets Transformations Mappings and mapplets Sessions, tasks, and workflows Runtime parameter files Use...

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