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A repository is a logic unit of a domain.

Powercenter Repository Adminconsole

The repository contains the instructions required to:

  • extract, transform, and load data
  • and store administrative information such as :
    • permissions,
    • and privileges.



PowerCenter applications access the repository through the PowerCenter - Repository Service (Process).

You administer the repository using :

PowerCenter - Administration Console snapshot:

Powercenter Repository Adminconsole


The PowerCenter repository resides in a relational database. For Oracle, when you create the database user, you create it with the following instruction :

DEFAULT tablespace users
TEMPORARY tablespace temp
quota unlimited ON users;

GRANT connect, resource, create view TO POW_REP;

Powercenter Repository Database Property


You can view repository metadata in the PowerCenter - Repository Manager. The Informatica Metadata Exchange (MX) provides a set of relational views that allow easy SQL access to the PowerCenter metadata repository.

The views are created during the installation of the upgrade of the repository with the help of mxbld file query (for instance for oracle oramxbld.sql). You find then this view in the PowerCenter Repository schema and they begin with REP.

Powercenter Mx Views

More informations on the content of the views in the repository documentation (chapter 15. Using Metadata Exchange View).

  • A widget is a component of a mapping
  • A task is a component of a workflow

Global and local repositories

You can develop global and local repositories to share metadata:

  • Global repository. The global repository is the hub of the repository domain. Use the global repository to store common objects that multiple developers can use through shortcuts. These objects may include operational or Application source definitions, reusable transformations, mapplets, and mappings.
  • Local repositories. A local repository is any repository within the domain that is not the global repository. Use local repositories for development. From a local repository, you can create shortcuts to objects in shared folders in the global repository. These objects include source definitions, common dimensions and lookups, and enterprise standard transformations. You can also create copies of objects in non-shared folders.

PowerCenter version control

See Powercenter - Version Control

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