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The PowerCenter - Designer represents an XML hierarchy in an Xml definition as a set of views. Each view represents a subset of the XML hierarchy. A view consists of columns and rows. Columns represent elements and attributes, and rows represent occurrences of elements. You use the XML Editor to edit the XML views.

Powercenter Xml Editor

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Powercenter Xml Import Edition

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PowerCenter - Xml

XML is a common means of exchanging data on the web. Use XML files as a source of data and as a target for transformed data. The designer represents an XML hierarchy in an XML definition as a set of views....
Powercenter Xml Relationship Pk
PowerCenter - Xml Target

Powercenter Xml Target In the , switch to the . If the workspace contains targets, you can clear them with a right-click on the workspace. Click Targets > Import XML Definition. Navigate and...
Powercenter Xml Import Edition
Powercenter - Xml Source

How to create an Xml source To import the XML source definition: Open the designer if it is not already open, connect to the repository Open the . Click Sources > Import XML Definition. Click...

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