Informatica - Domain


An Informatica domain is a collection of:

  • nodes (A node is the logical representation of a machine in a domain)
  • and services.

The Power Center domain is the primary logical unit for management and administration within PowerCenter.

The service manager runs on a PowerCenter domain. The Service Manager supports :

PowerCenter has a service-oriented architecture that provides the ability to scale services and share resources across multiple machines.

PowerCenter provides the PowerCenter domain to support the administration of the PowerCenter services.


A domain can contain multiple repositories:

What is a domain ?

A domain is the primary unit for management and administration of services in Informatica product.

A domain contains the following components:

  • One or more nodes. A node is the logical representation of a machine in a domain. A domain may contain more than one node. The node that hosts the domain is the master gateway for the domain. You can add other machines as nodes in the domain and configure the nodes to run application services, such as the Integration Service or Repository Service. All service requests from other nodes in the domain go through the master gateway.

A nodes runs service processes, which is the runtime representation of an application service running on a node.

  • Service Manager. The Service Manager is built in to the domain to support the domain and the application services. The Service Manager runs on each node in the domain. The Service Manager starts and runs the application services on a machine.
  • Application services. A group of services that represent PowerCenter server-based functionality. The application services that run on each node in the domain depend on the way you configure the node and the application service.

You can use the PowerCenter - Administration Console to manage the domain.

If you have the high availability option, you can scale services and eliminate single points of failure for services. The Service Manager and application services can continue running despite temporary network or hardware failures. High availability includes resilience, failover, and recovery for services and tasks in a domain.

This Figure shows a sample domain with three nodes:

  • This domain has a master gateway on Node 1.
  • Node 2 runs an Integration Service
  • and Node 3 runs the Repository Service.



Powercenter - Infacmd command line tool ping -dn DOMAIN_EIC_01
[INFACMD_10052] Domain [DOMAIN_EIC_01] Host:Port [HI-INFA-EIC-01:6005] was successfully pinged.
[INFACMD_10470] Kerberos authentication is [disabled] and secure communication is [disabled] in the Informatica domain [DOMAIN_EIC_01].
Command ran successfully.

INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN environment variable

Before using the command line programs, you can configure the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN to set the default domain.

domains.infa file

Example of location:

<Portals xmlns:logservice="" xmlns:domainservice="" xmlns:domainconfigservice="" xmlns:alertservice="" xmlns:usermanagement="" xmlns:webserviceshub="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:domainbackup="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:licenseusage="" xmlns:metadata="" xmlns:common=""  xsi:type="common:PCSFVector"  objVersion="1.1.19">
<vector xsi:type="domainservice:Portals"  objVersion="1.1.19">
<address xsi:type="metadata:NodeRef"  objVersion="1.1.19">

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