PowerCenter - Service Manager

1 - About

The Service Manager is built in to the domain and supports the domain and the application services. It runs on each node in the domain.

3 - Function

The domain functions that the Service Manager performs on a node depend on the type and role of the node.

For example, the Service Manager running on:

  • the master gateway node performs all domain functions on that node.
  • any other type of node performs limited domain functions on that node.

3.1 - Domain

Example of domain functions:

  • Alerts. Provides notifications about domain and service events.
  • Authentication. Authenticates user requests from the Administration Console and from infacmd.
  • Authorization. Authorizes user requests for services. Requests can come from the Administration Console or from infacmd.
  • Domain configuration. Manages domain configuration metadata.
  • Node configuration. Manages node configuration metadata.
  • Licensing. Registers license information and verifies license information when you run application services.
  • Logging. Provides accumulated log events from each service in the domain. You can view logs in the Administration Console and Workflow Monitor.

3.2 - Service

When a node has the service role, the Service Manager starts application services configured to run on that node. It starts and stops services and service processes based on requests from Informatica clients.

4 - More

See Powercenter - Start / Stop

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