PowerCenter - Web Services Hub


The Web Services Hub Service is an application service in the Informatica domain that exposes PowerCenter functionality to external clients through SOAP request (See web services)


The Web Services Hub enables you to:

  • turn PowerCenter workflows into web services.
  • manage data integration processes within the PowerCenter framework through requests to PowerCenter web services.

The Web Services Hub also provides web service operations that allow you to:

  • monitor and control PowerCenter processes
  • get repository information.


The Web Services Hub hosts the following web services:

  • Batch web services. Run and monitor web-enabled workflows.
  • Realtime web services. Create service workflows that allow you to read and write messages to a web service client through the Web Services Hub.



You can use the administration_console to configure and manage the Web Services Hub.


The PowerCenter installation includes the Web Services Hub. After you install PowerCenter, use the Administration Console to create, configure and manage the Web Services Hub. Configure workflows to run as web services on the Web Services Hub.

Documentation / Reference

  • PowerCenter Web Services Provider Guide.

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