Powercenter - Catalog Service (CS)


The Catalog Service manages the connections between service components and the users that have access to:

  • Enterprise Information Catalog search interface
  • and Catalog Administrator.


The catalog represents an indexed inventory of all the configured data assets in an enterprise.

You can find metadata and statistical information, such as:

  • profile statistics,
  • data asset ratings,
  • data domains,
  • and data relationships


The Catalog Service connects to other application services within the domain. When you create the Catalog Service, you can associate it with the following application services:



Powercenter - Infacmd command line tool

infacmd.sh  LDM createService -dn DOMAIN_EIC_01 -nn NodeEic01 -un Administrator -pd pwd -mrs MRS_EIC_01 -mrsun Administrator -mrspd pwd -dis DIS_EIC_01 -sn CS_EIC_01 -ise true -cssl false -chdt HortonWorks -chdu https://clus-spark-01.azurehdinsight.net -chduu admin -chdup pwd -oo ContentManagerService.cmsServiceName=CMS_EIC_01  -HttpPort 8085
Initialized domain service
Adding service to domainconfigservice
SUCCESS: Catalog Service [CS_EIC_01] is created.
Command ran successfully.


Powercenter - Infacmd command line tool

infacmd.sh ping -dn DOMAIN_EIC_01 -sn CS_EIC_01
[INFACMD_10052] Service [CS_EIC_01] Domain [DOMAIN_EIC_01] Host:Port [HI-INFA-EIC-01:6015] was successfully pinged.
Command ran successfully.

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