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Powercenter Mapplet Designer is a component/tool of designer. Its aim is to create mapplets (sets of transformation) to use in mapping.

Powercenter Designer Tools

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Powercenter Designer Tools
PowerCenter - Designer

The Designer has the following tools that you use to analyze sources, design target schemas, and build source-to-target mappings: . Import or create source definitions. . Import or create target definitions....
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PowerCenter - Input Transformation (for Mapplet)

Defines mapplet input rows. Available in the Mapplet Designer.
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PowerCenter - Mapplet

A mapplet is a set of transformations that you: use in multiple mappings. design in mapplet designer
Powercenter Transformation Create
PowerCenter - Transformations

A transformation is a part of a mapping that generates or modifies data. Every mapping includes a Source Qualifier transformation, representing all data read from a source and temporarily stored by the...

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