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The following naming conventions appear throughout the PowerCenter documentation and client tools. Use the following naming conventions when you design mappings and create sessions.

Naming Conventions


The following table lists the recommended naming convention for transformations:

Transformation Naming Convention
Aggregator AGG_TransformationName
Application Source Qualifier ASQ_TransformationName
Custom CT_TransformationName
Expression EXP_TransformationName
External Procedure EXT_TransformationName
Filter FIL_TransformationName
HTTP HTTP_TransformationName
Java JTX_TransformationName
Joiner JNR_TransformationName
Lookup LKP_TransformationName
MQ Source Qualifier SQ_MQ_TransformationName
Normalizer NRM_TransformationName
Rank RNK_TransformationName
Router RTR_TransformationName
Sequence Generator SEQ_TransformationName
Sorter SRT_TransformationName
Stored Procedure SP_TransformationName
Source Qualifier SQ_TransformationName
SQL SQL_TransformationName
Transaction Control TC_TransformationName
Union UN_TransformationName
Unstructured Data Transformation UD_TransformationName
Update Strategy UPD_TransformationName
XML Generator XG_TransformationName
XML Parser XP_TransformationName
XML Source Qualifier XSQ_TransformationName


The naming convention for targets is: T_TargetName.


The naming convention for mappings is: m_MappingName.


The naming convention for mapplets is: mplt_MappletName.


The naming convention for sessions is: s_MappingName.


The naming convention for worklets is: wl_WorkletName.


The naming convention for workflows is: wf_WorkflowName.

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