PowerCenter - Naming Conventions

1 - About

The following naming conventions appear throughout the PowerCenter documentation and client tools. Use the following naming conventions when you design mappings and create sessions.

3 - Naming Conventions

3.1 - Transformations

The following table lists the recommended naming convention for transformations:

Transformation Naming Convention
Aggregator AGG_TransformationName
Application Source Qualifier ASQ_TransformationName
Custom CT_TransformationName
Expression EXP_TransformationName
External Procedure EXT_TransformationName
Filter FIL_TransformationName
HTTP HTTP_TransformationName
Java JTX_TransformationName
Joiner JNR_TransformationName
Lookup LKP_TransformationName
MQ Source Qualifier SQ_MQ_TransformationName
Normalizer NRM_TransformationName
Rank RNK_TransformationName
Router RTR_TransformationName
Sequence Generator SEQ_TransformationName
Sorter SRT_TransformationName
Stored Procedure SP_TransformationName
Source Qualifier SQ_TransformationName
SQL SQL_TransformationName
Transaction Control TC_TransformationName
Union UN_TransformationName
Unstructured Data Transformation UD_TransformationName
Update Strategy UPD_TransformationName
XML Generator XG_TransformationName
XML Parser XP_TransformationName
XML Source Qualifier XSQ_TransformationName

3.2 - Targets

The naming convention for targets is: T_TargetName.

3.3 - Mappings

The naming convention for mappings is: m_MappingName.

3.4 - Mapplets

The naming convention for mapplets is: mplt_MappletName.

3.5 - Sessions

The naming convention for sessions is: s_MappingName.

3.6 - Worklets

The naming convention for worklets is: wl_WorkletName.

3.7 - Workflows

The naming convention for workflows is: wf_WorkflowName.

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