Powercenter - Infacmd command line tool

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Infacmd is a command line tool

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Bdm Component
BDM - infacmd

infacmd is a command line client of BDM. Powercenter In the informatica INFA_HOME/isp/bin/ (First) but also: INFA_HOME/server/bin directory Usage: where module: ISP to manage the...
Powercenter Domain
Informatica - Domain

An Informatica domain is a collection of: nodes (A node is the logical representation of a machine in a domain) and services. The Power Center domain is the primary logical unit for management and...
Powercenter Administration Console
PowerCenter - Administration Console

The Administration Console is a web application that you use to manage a domain and security (user, ...). If you have a user login to the domain, you can access the Administration Console. Domain objects...
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PowerCenter - Client

The PowerCenter Client consists of the following applications that you use to manage the repository, design mappings, mapplets, and create sessions to load the data: . Use the Designer to create mappings...
Powercenter Log
PowerCenter - Logging

The Service Manager provides accumulated log events from each service in the domain. You can view logs in: the Administration Console and the Workflow Monitor. PowerCenter_Home\server\infa_shared\SessLogs...
Powercenter Node
PowerCenter - Node (logical representation of a machine)

A node is the logical representation of a machine in a domain. A domain may contain more than one node. The node that hosts the domain is the master gateway for the domain. You can add other machines as...
Powercenter Repository Service
PowerCenter - Repository Service (Process)

The Repository Service manages connections to the repository from client applications. The Repository Service is a separate, multi-threaded process that retrieves, inserts, and updates metadata in the...
Powercenter 901 Installation Port Configuration
PowerCenter - Services

Informatica Cluster Service ICS_ The port number you specify for the domain and for each component in the domain must be unique. The port number for the domain and domain components cannot be within...
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Powercenter - Catalog Service (CS)

The Catalog Service manages the connections between service components and the users that have access to: Enterprise Information Catalog search interface and Catalog Administrator. The catalog...
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Powercenter - Folder

Two folders: / and /System_Services

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