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PowerCenter Repository Reports are a set of prepackaged PowerCenter - Data Analyzer reports and dashboards to help you analyze and manage PowerCenter metadata.

Use PowerCenter Repository Reports to browse and analyze PowerCenter metadata. PowerCenter Repository Reports provide the following types of reports to help you administer your PowerCenter environment:

  • Configuration Management. With Configuration Management reports, you can analyze deployment groups and PowerCenter repository object labels.
  • Operations. With Operations reports, you can analyze operational statistics for workflows, worklets, and sessions. Operational reports provide information such as connection usage, service load by period, and workflow and session load times, completion status, and errors.
  • PowerCenter - Repository Objects. With PowerCenter Object reports, you can identify PowerCenter objects, their properties, and their interdependencies with other repository objects.
  • Security. With the Security report, you can analyze users, groups, and their association within the repository.

You can access PowerCenter Repository Reports from the following areas in Data Analyzer:

  • View tab. Provides access to PowerCenter Repository Reports dashboards, which contain links to reports.
  • Find tab. Provides access to the primary reports associated with an analytic workflow and to standalone reports. To access PowerCenter - Workflows reports, run the associated primary report, click the Workflow tab, and then navigate through the analytic workflow until you reach the workflow report.

Before you can set up PowerCenter Repository Reports, you must first install and configure PowerCenter and Data Analyzer. PowerCenter provides the source metadata that you analyze. Create reports, analytic workflows, dashboards, schedules, and personalized alerts to analyze PowerCenter metadata in PowerCenter - Data Analyzer.

PowerCenter Repository Reports use PowerCenter MX Views to access metadata.

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