PowerCenter - Workflow Manager


In the Workflow Manager, you define a set of instructions to execute tasks, such as PowerCenter - Sessions, emails, and shell commands. This set of instructions is called a PowerCenter - Workflows. The Workflow Manager has the following tools to help you develop a workflow:

  • Task Developer. Create tasks you want to accomplish in the workflow.
  • Worklet Designer. Create a worklet in the Worklet Designer. A worklet is an object that groups a set of tasks. A worklet is similar to a workflow, but without scheduling information. You can nest worklets inside a workflow.
  • Workflow Designer. Create a workflow by connecting tasks with links in the Workflow Designer. You can also create tasks in the Workflow Designer as you develop the workflow.

When you create a workflow in the Workflow Designer, you add tasks to the workflow. The Workflow Manager includes tasks, such as :

  • the Session task,
  • the Command task,
  • and the Email task

so you can design a workflow.

The Session task is based on a PowerCenter - Mapping you build in the PowerCenter - Designer.

You then connect tasks with links to specify the order of execution for the tasks you created. Use conditional links and workflow variables to create branches in the workflow.

When the workflow start time arrives, the PowerCenter - Integration Service retrieves the metadata from the PowerCenter - Repository to execute the tasks in the PowerCenter - Workflows. You can monitor the workflow status in the PowerCenter - Workflow Monitor.


To configure the Workflow Manager to open the PowerCenter - Workflow Monitor:

  1. In the Workflow Manager, click Tools > Options.
  2. In the General tab, select Launch Workflow Monitor When Workflow Is Started.
  3. Click OK.

Next, you run the PowerCenter - Workflows and open the Workflow Monitor.

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