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Powercenter Administration Console

The Administration Console is a web application that you use to manage a domain and security (user, …). If you have a user login to the domain, you can access the Administration Console. Domain objects include:



Default URL: http://localhost:6001/adminconsole.

Powercenter Domain Gateway


The port is the port of the node.


The administration console is the gui administration tool whereas the infacmd is the console administration tool

Use the Administration Console to perform the following tasks in the domain:

  • Manage application services. Manage all application services in the domain, such as the Integration Service and Repository Service.
  • Configure nodes. Configure node properties, such as the backup directory and resources. You can also shut down and restart nodes.
  • Manage domain objects. Create and manage objects such as services, nodes, licenses, and folders. Folders allow you to organize domain objects and to manage security by setting permissions for domain objects.
  • View and edit domain object properties. You can view and edit properties for all objects in the domain, including the domain object.
  • View log events. Use the Log Viewer to view domain, Integration Service, SAP BW Service, Web Services Hub, and Repository Service log events.

Other domain management tasks include applying licenses, managing grids and resources, and configuring security.

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