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Hive in Powercenter.

Hive is a relation database and your create therefore relational data object. If you don't see the connection, you don't have access to it.

Example with Azure


Hive Connection

  • In the dev tool, New Physical Data Object > Relational > Hive (Restart it if you have change any configuration


Azure Hive Connection Import Object


Configure the mapping to run in the Hadoop environment

[Error] [Native Validation] The Write transformation [Write_Device] cannot write to a Hive target when the mapping runs in the native environment. Configure the mapping to run in the Hadoop environment.

In the mapping properties, you can change the runtime environement:

Runtime Env Mapping Hive Bdm

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For running mappings in Environments, one of the following execution engines can be chosen: Hive Engine ('Map Reduce' or 'Tez' modes) Blaze Engine Spark Engine

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