PowerCenter - Services


Services in Powercenter.

Powercenter made a difference between:

  • the infra service (service manager, admin service,…) that manage the cluster
  • and the others services (called application services) that delivers other services

A product in Powercenter is a collection of application services. See Powercenter - Product (or edition)

The Service Manager manage the application services on each node.

Example in the Web administrator:



with Powercenter - Infacmd command line tool

infacmd.sh listServices -dn DOMAIN_EIC_01 -un Administrator -pd Password


Service Default Port
node port (domain port) 6005
PowerCenter - Service Manager 6006 (Communication), 6007 (Shutdown)
administrator service 6008 (Communication), 6009 (Shutdown)
Dynamic Port (6014 to 6114)
model repository service manages the Model repository
PowerCenter - Repository Service (Process) Manages connections to the PowerCenter repository
PowerCenter - Integration Service Runs sessions and workflows
Analyst Service Default is 8085 for HTTP
Catalog Service Default is 9085 for HTTP
Content Management Service Default is 8105 for HTTP
Data Integration Service Default is 8095 for HTTP
Metadata Manager Service Default is 10250 for HTTP
Reporting and Dashboards Service Default is 10370 for HTTP
Reporting Service Default is 16080 for HTTP
Search Service Default is 8084 for HTTP
PowerCenter - Web Services Hub Default is 7333 for HTTP, Exposes PowerCenter functionality to external clients through web services.
HTTPS 8443
Powercenter - Sap BW service Listens for RFC requests from SAP NetWeaver BW and initiates workflows to extract from or load to SAP BW


With Powercenter - Infacmd command line tool

  • Service Status
infacmd.sh getServiceStatus -dn DOMAIN_EIC_01 -un Administrator -pd password -sn MRS_EIC_01
  • Services Process Status (Status of a service on a node ???)
infacmd.sh getServiceProcessStatus  -dn DOMAIN_EIC_01 -un Administrator -pd password -sn MRS_EIC_01 -nn NodeEic01


Powercenter - Infacmd command line tool

infacmd.sh ping -dn DOMAIN_EIC_01 -sn MRS_EIC_01
[INFACMD_10052] Service [MRS_EIC_01] Domain [DOMAIN_EIC_01] Host:Port [HI-INFA-EIC-01:6015] was successfully pinged.
Command ran successfully.


Application are web application archive located at infa_home/services/CatalogService/ (ldmadmin.war).

Naming Convention

Object Naming Convention Examples
Domain DMN, DOM, DOMAIN, _<ORG>_<ENV> DOM_FIN_DEV (Finance Development)
DOMAIN_ICC_PD (Integration Competency Center Production)
Node Node<node##>_<ORG>_<optional distinguisher>_<ENV> Node01_ICC_DEV
Content Management Service CMS_<ORG>_<ENV> CMS_FIN_DEV
Data Integration Service DIS_<ORG>_<ENV> DIS_ICC_DEV
Model Repository Service MRS_<ORG>_<ENV> MRS_FIN_DEV
Catalog Service CS_<ORG>_<ENV> CS_HR_DEV
Informatica Cluster Service ICS_<ORG>_<ENV> ICS_FIN_DEV



Use the following guidelines to determine the port numbers:

  • The port number you specify for the domain and for each component in the domain must be unique.
  • The port number for the domain and domain components cannot be within the range of the port numbers that you specify for the application service processes.
  • The highest number in the range of port numbers that you specify must be at least three numbers higher than the lowest port number. For example, if the minimum port number in the range is 6400, the maximum port number must be at least 6403.
  • The port numbers that you specify for the domain, domain and node components, and application service processes cannot be lower than 1025 or higher than 65535.


Documentation / Reference

  • Installation Guide - PC_901_InstallationAndConfigurationGuide_en.pdf

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