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Powercenter 901 Installation Port ConfigurationUse the following guidelines to determine the port numbers:
  • The port number you specify for the domain and for each component in the domain must be unique.
  • The port number for the domain and domain components cannot be within the range of the port numbers that you specify for the application service processes.
  • The highest number in the range of port numbers that you specify must be at least three numbers higher than the lowest port number. For example, if the minimum port number in the range is 6400, the maximum port number must be at least 6403.
  • The port numbers that you specify for the domain, domain and node components, and application service processes cannot be lower than 1025 or higher than 65535.
With the Web Administrator interfaceInfa Admin Console Service Log
Documentation / Reference
  • Installation Guide - PC_901_InstallationAndConfigurationGuide_en.pdf

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The Analyst Service is an application service that runs the Analyst tool in the Informatica domain.
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Text format: ... Installation Type: Install (and not upgrade) Pre-requisites: Next License and Directory. (Transfer the license file from the client zip file) Pre-Installation Summary: Install...
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The Service Manager provides accumulated log events from each service in the domain. You can view logs in: the Administration Console and the Workflow Monitor. PowerCenter_Home\server\infa_shared\SessLogs...
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The Repository Service manages connections to the repository from client applications. The Repository Service is a separate, multi-threaded process that retrieves, inserts, and updates metadata in the...

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