PowerCenter - Repository Manager

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Use the Repository Manager to administer repositories. You can navigate through multiple folders and repositories, and complete the following tasks:

  • Manage users and groups. Create, edit, and delete repository users and user groups. You can assign and revoke repository privileges and folder permissions. PowerCenter Security
  • Perform folder functions.

Create, edit, copy, and delete folders. Work you perform in the Designer and Workflow Manager is stored in folders. If you want to share metadata, you can configure a folder to be shared. Folders provide a way to organize and store all metadata in the repository, including mappings, schemas, and sessions. Folders are designed to be flexible to help you organize the repository logically. Each folder has a set of properties you can configure to define how users access the folder. For example, you can create a folder that allows all repository users to see objects within the folder, but not to edit them.

Powercenter Repository Manager Window

Repository Manager windows

The Repository Manager can display the following windows:

  • Navigator. Displays all objects that you create in the Repository Manager, the Designer, and the Workflow Manager. It is organized first by repository and by folder.
  • Main. Provides properties of the object selected in the Navigator. The columns in this window change depending on the object selected in the Navigator.
  • Output. Provides the output of tasks executed within the Repository Manager.

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