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BDM - infacmd WFS -help
Usage: infacmd WFS <command> <arguments>
[WFS] commands ...
  abortWorkflow: Aborts a running workflow instance.
  bulkComplete: Completes all operations for a Human task in a workflow that you specify.
  cancelWorkflow: Cancels a running workflow instance.
  completeTask: Completes a Human task instance.
  createTables: Creates the database tables that store run-time metadata for the workflow and starts the workflow engine.
  delegateTask: Delegates a Human task instance.
  dropTables: Deletes the contents of the workflow database.
  listActiveWorkflowInstances: Lists active workflow instances.
  listMappingPersistedOutputs: Lists the state of each mapping output that is persisted.
  listTasks: Lists Human task instances.
  listWorkflowParams: Lists the parameters for a workflow and creates a parameter file that you can use when you run a workflow.
  listWorkflows: Lists the workflows in an application.
  pruneOldInstances: Remove old workflow instances.
  recoverWorkflow: Recovers a workflow instance.
  releaseTask: Releases a Human task instance.
  setMappingPersistedOutputs: Updates the persisted mapping outputs for a Mapping task instance in a workflow.
  startTask: Starts a Human task instance.
  startWorkflow: Starts a workflow instance.
  upgradeWorkflowParameterFile: Upgrades an older workflow parameter file to a 10.0 parameter file.


from BDM - Model Repository Service (MRS): FAQ: How to retrieve workflow details in Model Repository Views?

Time is stored in EPOCH time

select * from MRX_OBJECT_SUMMARY WHERE OBJECT_TYPENAME='com.informatica.metadata.common.workflow.impl.WorkflowImpl'
WorkflowDetails wf_test 1503932685234 1503932715850

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