Kafka - Why

Kafka Commit Log Messaging Process


  • Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change
  • How is customer 360 similar to cyber security? Both require real-time data ingest and processing for fast analysis and response. #StrataData

The top 10 tech trends for 2018

  • Event sourcing
  • Edge computing. It describes a computing topology in which information processing, and content collection and delivery, are placed closer to the sources of this information. Localization
  • AI ready: Creating systems that learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously will be a major battleground for technology vendors through at least 2020

Use cases


  • Messaging System (KMQ model)
  • Storage System
  • Stream Processing (Transformation)
    • Less DB background DDL : convert multiple updates to the backend stores into a single update/insert to ensure that number of hits that our DB is taking is reduced (Reduc DB hit)

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