Authentication - HTTP Authentication

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Authentication - HTTP Authentication


In an HTTP authentication scheme, the following may play a role:



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(HTTP|HTTPS) - Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the transfer protocol to exchange or transfer web resource between nodes (host). The H in HTTP means an hypertext (ie HTML). The protocol was first designed...
Soap Ui Basic Authentication
Authentication - Basic Authentication (HTTP)

Basic Access Authentication is an Authentication mechanism from HTTP auth. Basic access authentication uses the easily reversible Base64 encoding making it non-secure unless used in conjunction with TLS....
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Authentication - HTTP Digest Access Authentication

Digest access authentication is an http authentication method based on authorization entry. It is intended (as a security trade-off) to replace unencrypted HTTP basic access authentication. It is not,...
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Authentication - Jwt (Json web token)

json web token is a token protocol. It's also known as jot. The main purpose of JWTs is to transfer (ie identity property) between two parties This is a simple, optionally validated and/or encrypted,...
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Browser - Web API - Fetch function

The fetch function is part of the web api function and is a AJAX call. It's one of the possibilities to fetch a resource. XMLHttpRequest (XHR) The fetch function returns a promise as response. The Fetch...
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HTTP - Fiddler

Fiddler is a HTTP Network Analyzer via a forward proxy
Http Headers Firefox
HTTP - Header (Fields)

Headers are : properties (textual name-value pairs, ie both name and value are text) located in the head of: a http request that the client sends a http response that the server sends The HTTP...
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Oauth - Client Authentication

authentication method for a client in Oauth. The client MUST NOT use more than one authentication method in each request. Client authentication is used for: Enforcing the binding of refresh tokens...
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Security - (Identity+Authenticator=Credential)

Identity is typically an account’s user name such as: the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) account name or the User Principal Name (UPN). To prove their identity, a secret information called the...

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