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A business process is a natural process (ie versus machine process) where activities are performed in a organisation.

Example business process :

  • raw materials purchasing
  • orders
  • shipments
  • invoicing
  • inventory
  • general ledger

It's not referring to an organizational business department or function

Management processes should be organized more like operational processes, such as order-to-cash and procure-to-pay. Tried, tested, efficient and reliable.

A business process or business method is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks (that produce events) in order to deliver a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer or customers.


The process is typically supported by a source data-collection system called an OLTP application (online transaction processing)



A business process is visualized with a flowchart as a sequence of activities.

Below, you can find different type of flow chart that specialize in business process.


Process - Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

UML Activity diagram

UML Activity diagram

The event-driven Process Chain (EPC)

The event-driven Process Chain (EPC) is a flow chart for business process modeling.



Sipoc Research Dev


See process visualization

Serial vs Parallel

Performance Management

Oracle Analytics Strategy

A business process must supports all three aspects of performance management:

  • Shaping strategy through financial and operational planning
  • Taking action to execute the strategy across the business operations
  • Measuring the results to enable fact-based decisions

With this closed-loop process, business process continue to improve over time and realize business outcomes.


Process - LifeCycle (Entity State) (Status)

Business Process Status

Source: Jenkins Jira ticket


Business process simulation software is an effective way to evaluate the full implications of business decisions before they are put into practice.


Business process can be save on disk with the following format:

Documentation / Reference

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