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Android - (Main Activity|Application Start)

An application is started through a main activity. The main activity is declared in the manifest. Below the manifest declare the class MainActivity as the start point of the app.
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Android - Application

Application level on Android. topics/manifest/application-elementApplication element in the manifest See activity priority
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Android - Broadcast Receiver

A Broadcast Receiver is a component. In the manifest In a UI element, an activity or a forecast In the service class as an inner class The onReceive method will get triggered when a Broadcast...
Content Provider
Android - Content Provider

A content provider is a facade between the data store (Xml, Database) and the applications. Change the underlying data source without changing the application code Leverage standard android library....
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Android - Network (Connectivity Manager)

android/net/ConnectivityManagerThe ConnectivityManager answers queries the state of network connectivity. It also notifies applications when network connectivity changes. android/Manifest.permission.htmlACCESS_NETWORK_STATE...
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Android - Permission

Applications statically declare the permissions they require, and the Android system prompts the user for consent. By default, applications in Android are sandboxed. This means they have their own username,...
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Android - Service (background operation without UI interaction)

A Service is a component that performs operations in the background without a user interface. (such as download a file) You start a service by passing an intent. Default Services have a higher priority...
Android Account Sunshine
Android - Sync Manager Framework (SyncAdapter)

Introduced in Android Level 5. SyncAdapters are meant to keep local data on the device (a cache) in sync with data on the web with the goal of: fast load times, offline functionality and not...
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Android - User Dictionary (Content Provider)

A provider of user defined words for input methods to use for predictive text input. Applications and input methods may add words into the dictionary. android/provider/UserDictionary.WordsWords can have...

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