Aws - CodeCommit


CodeCommit is the Git hosting and front-end of AWS.


The simplest way to set up connections to AWS CodeCommit repositories is to configure Git credentials for CodeCommit in the IAM console, and then use those credentials for HTTPS conn Doc


Create a repository

aws codecommit create-repository --repository-name repoName

You get an output where the clone URL has the following URL:

    "repositoryMetadata": {
        "accountId": "REPLACE_ME_ACCOUNT_ID",
        "repositoryId": "32rrr10-66e1-4230-b3d6-eeb55e64a60b",
        "repositoryName": "repoName",
        "lastModifiedDate": 1554965738.429,
        "creationDate": 1554965738.429,
        "cloneUrlHttp": "",
        "cloneUrlSsh": "ssh://",
        "Arn": "arn:aws:codecommit:eu-central-1:REPLACE_ME_ACCOUNT_ID:repoName"

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