Aws - Load Balancer (Elastic load balancing)

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Network - Load Balancer (NLB, ALB, CLB) in Aws


Target group

A target group allows AWS resources to register themselves as targets for requests that the load balancer receives to forward.

For instance, service containers can automatically register to a target group so that they can receive traffic from the network load balancer when they are provisioned.



aws elbv2 create-load-balancer ^
  --name mysfits-nlb ^
  --scheme internet-facing ^
  --type network ^
> %HOME%/environment/nlb-output.json

You get in the ouput:


The VpcId to replace can be found when the load balancer was created. You get back a TargetGroupArn.

aws elbv2 create-target-group ^
   --name MythicalMysfits-TargetGroup ^
   --port 8080 ^
   --protocol TCP ^
   --target-type ip ^
   --vpc-id REPLACE_ME_VPC_ID ^
   --health-check-interval-seconds 10 ^
   --health-check-path / ^
   --health-check-protocol HTTP ^
   --healthy-threshold-count 3 ^
   --unhealthy-threshold-count 3 ^
> %HOME%/environment/target-group-output.json

Documentation / Reference

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