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Web - Micro-service in Aws is managed by the ECS service

AWS offers managed services for:



aws ecs create-service --cli-input-json file://module-2/aws-cli/service-definition.json
  "serviceName": "MythicalMysfits-Service",
  "cluster": "MythicalMysfits-Cluster",
  "launchType": "FARGATE",
  "deploymentConfiguration": {
    "maximumPercent": 200,
    "minimumHealthyPercent": 0
  "desiredCount": 1,
  "networkConfiguration": {
    "awsvpcConfiguration": {
      "assignPublicIp": "DISABLED",
      "securityGroups": [
      "subnets": [
  "taskDefinition": "mythicalmysfitsservice",
  "loadBalancers": [
      "containerName": "MythicalMysfits-Service",
      "containerPort": 8080,
      "targetGroupArn": "REPLACE_ME_NLB_TARGET_GROUP_ARN"


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