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Card Puncher Data Processing
Ansible - Ansible-vault

ansible-vault is a command line utility that permits to add/get sensitive data (file or property value) into an encrypted format called a vault Example of sensitive data: password private keys ...
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Ansible - Connection

Connection parameters to hosts are given through variable. ... The playbook defines ramon as connection user. At the command line, we set the connection user to lola but the connection...
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Ansible - Vault

A vault is the encrypted format of data through the combination of a label and a password known as vault id Encrypted data may be: a whole file or a property value This is available since Ansible...
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Ansible - ansible-pull

ansible-pull is command line client that runs playbook in a pull way (ie on the localhost) whereas ansible-playbook will run them in a push way. It is a small script that will checkout a repo of configuration...

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