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Download a artifact from a Maven - Repository


Download a fat jar

- name: Download the fat jar
	group_id: com.example
	artifact_id: app
	version: latest
	classifier: all
	repository_url: ''
	username: 'admin'
	password: 'password'
	dest: '/opt/app/'
	state: present
	keep_name: yes
	mode: 'u=rw,g=r,o=r'
  register: maven_download

The registered variable would be:

"maven_download": {
	"artifact_id": "app",
	"changed": true,
	"classifier": "all",
	"dest": "/opt/app/",
	"extension": "jar",
	"failed": false,
	"gid": 1002,
	"group": "group",
	"group_id": "com.example",
	"mode": "0644",
	"owner": "user",
	"repository_url": "",
	"size": 17212826,
	"state": "file",
	"uid": 1004,
	"version": "latest"

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