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loop in Ansible are done with look up plugin 1) 2) that returns variables for each selectionned item that you can use in your template.



loop in Ansible are never nested but you can combine list

- name: give users access to multiple databases
    name: "{{ item[0] }}"
    priv: "{{ item[1] }}.*:ALL"
    append_privs: yes
    password: "foo"
  loop: "{{ ['alice', 'bob'] |product(['clientdb', 'employeedb', 'providerdb'])|list }}"

With Items

- name: Install mapr-core
    packages_Suse: ['mapr-compat-suse', 'mapr-core', 'mapr-core-internal']
    packages_RedHat: ['mapr-core', 'mapr-core-internal']
    packages_Debian: ['mapr-core', 'mapr-core-internal']
  package: name={{ item }} state=present
  with_items: "{{ vars['packages_' + ansible_os_family] }}"
  register: core_result

For Files

See the file system page loop section where you can find the with_fileglob and with_filetree lookup.

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