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command is the default module of the ansible command line and helps you execute adhoc (on the fly) command.

You may also want to check the shell module


A long command

- name: Install | Installing Netdata from {{ netdata_source_dir }} to {{ netdata_prefix }}
  command: "{{ command_args|join(' ') }}"
      - "./"
      - "--install {{ netdata_install_path }}"
      - "{{ auto_update_cli_option }}" # Install netdata-updater in cron to update netdata automatically once per day
      - "--stable-channel" # fetch and install only the official releases from GitHub
      - "--dont-wait" # Run installation in non-interactive mode
    chdir: "{{ netdata_source_dir }}"
    creates: "{{ netdata_config_file }}" # after installation, the conf file is created
  notify: restart netdata

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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