Ansible - JsonArgs Module Type

1 - About

JsonArgs is a module type. It's a script that contains the following placeholder <<INCLUDE_ANSIBLE_MODULE_JSON_ARGS>> placeholder. During execution, Ansible will replace it with the module parameters.

3 - Process / Dev

  • Create a script with the placeholder <<INCLUDE_ANSIBLE_MODULE_JSON_ARGS>>

json_arguments = """<<INCLUDE_ANSIBLE_MODULE_JSON_ARGS>>"""

  • Ansible will replace the placeholder with the module parameters in Json format before executing

json_arguments = """{"param1": "test's quotes", "param2": "\"To be or not to be\" - Hamlet"}"""

The Json have the following spec:

  • Double quotes are used to quote string values,
  • double quotes inside of string values are backslash escaped,
  • and single quotes may appear unescaped inside of a string value.

4 - Documentation / Reference

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