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This page gives information on how to debug a problem (diagnostic) for Ansible.


Increase the verbosity of the playbook command

Ansible - ansible-playbook cli verbosity can be given:

  • at the command line:
anisble-playbook -v
anisble-playbook -vv # for more
anisble-playbook -vvv # for more
anisble-playbook  -vvvv # to enable connection debugging
  • via the environment variable ANSIBLE_DEBUG=1 to see detailed information

Use the log or debug module inside your playbook

Use tag to run or not debug task

  • Tag: Example: The task will only run when the debug or never tag is explicitly requested. The never tag prevents a task from running unless a tag is specifically requested.
  - debug: msg="{{ showmevar }}"
    tags: [ never, debug ]

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