Ansible - Installation

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An installation page that stores requirement and links to the OS installation

Requirement and Architecture

Control Machine

The control machine is where Ansible run.

Ansible can be run from any machine with Python 2 (version 2.7) or Python 3 (versions 3.5 and higher) installed. Windows isn’t supported for the control machine.

Managed Node

The managed node is where Ansible makes connection and run commands.

On the managed nodes, you need a way to communicate, which is normally ssh. By default this uses sftp. If that’s not available, you can switch to scp in ansible.cfg. You also need Python 2 (version 2.6 or later) or Python 3 (version 3.5 or later).

If you have SELinux enabled on remote nodes, you will also want to install libselinux-python on them before using any copy/file/template related functions in Ansible. You can use the yum module or dnf module in Ansible to install this package on remote systems that do not have it.



Ansible - Installation - Version 2.7 on Linux


Ansible - Windows Installation

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