Ansible - Encrypt a property (password, private key)

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How to encrypt a string property with ansible-vault

If you want to decrypt it back, see Ansible - Decrypt a property (password, private key)


From a literal

  • In line String
ansible-vault encrypt_string [--prompt] [options] string_to_encrypt

From a file

  • String from a File content
cat file | ansible-vault encrypt_string [--prompt] [options] 

You can encrypt a private key this way for instance.


With a executable passwordFile and without label

  • First create a file that will store the Ansible vault passphrase
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo myVaultPassord
  • Encrypt with a Vault Id which is here only a password and no label
ansible-vault encrypt_string --vault-id 'password' 
# If you want to have the property name in the output, you can add it as parameter
# --name 'property_name'
property_name: !vault |
Encryption successful

With a executable password file and with label

With a executable password file and with vault label

#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo myVaultPassword
  • With the label dev for instance
ansible-vault encrypt_string --vault-id [email protected] 'foobar' --name 'the_secret'
  • In the value, we can see the dev label coming back.
the_secret: !vault |

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