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Directory structure of JMeter


The installation directory structure should look something like this (for version 2.7):


Source Code Directory Structure


Directory Description
bin contains the .bat and .sh files for starting Jmeter. It also contains ApacheJMeter.jar and properties file
docs directory contains the JMeter documentation files
extras ant related extra files
lib contains the required jar files for Jmeter
lib/ext contains the core jar files for jmeter and the protocols
src contains subdirectory for each protocol and component
test unit test related directory
xdocs Xml files for documentation. JMeter generates documentation from Xml


Directory Description
components contains non-protocol-specific components like visualizers, assertions, etc..
core the core code of JMeter including all core interfaces and abstract classes.
examples example sampler demonstrating how to use the new bean framework
functions standard functions used by all components
htmlparser a snapshot of HtmlParser, donated by HtmlParser project on sourceforge
jorphan utility classes providing common utility functions
monitor tomcat 5 monitor components
protocol contains the different protocols JMeter supports


Protocol specific components.

Directory Description
ftp components for load testing ftp servers
http components for load testing web servers
java components for load testing java components
jdbc components for load testing database servers using jdbc
jndi components for load testing jndi
ldap components for load testing LDAP servers
mail components for load testing mail servers
tcp components for load testing TCP services


JMeter automatically finds classes from jars in the following directories:

  • JMETER_HOME/lib - used for utility jars
  • JMETER_HOME/lib/ext - used for JMeter components and add-ons

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